Apollo Component Description
apollo.Job.*Threaded job interface
apollo.Storable.*Object database abstraction layer for use with relational databases
apollo.PageManagerPageManager registration facilities for creating tree like structure for application logic, allowing easy maintenance and reusability
apollo.HTTPResponseRepresents a webbased response. Includes run-length web response compression
apollo.HTTPRequestRepresents a web request, includes mutli-part mime decoding of web requests, with memory file objects
apollo.Email.*Email transmission services
apollo.Session.*Servlet space" session implementation for consistent sessions between servlet environments
apollo.Log.*Logging facility with multiple channels and customizable destination interface, including email exception report dispatching
apollo.Statistics.*Statistics facility for creating and monitoring internal servlet statistics
apollo.Template.*Highspeed template system, specifically built for cookieless sessions, and html editors
apollo.FQUIDPermissionsAuthoritySecurity model for restricting access to Page nodes or branches
apollo.NodeManagerJINI based node discovery for distributing load
apollo.ManagerTrackerCompatibility of being able to share the same JVM and zone with other servlets (EG: No static based variables)
apollo.EntryAssertionManager EntryAssertionManager for defining request elements required for operation and auto conversion to desired type