This page will be used for documenting useful programming patterns with apollo.  These patterns are usually specific techniques of using apollo, and are not part the the apollo code itself.  These are generally contributed by the community.  If you have a pattern you wish to contribute, please email, or start a thread on one of our mailing lists.


Pattern Name

Pattern Description


Frame Pattern A structured approach to implementing Top and Side navigation bar using frames.  One navigation bar is shows subordinate options of the other. Can easily be modified for single navigation bar navigation. Joe Kislo
Status Bar Pattern Allows real-time status updates of a Job running in the JobManager.  Also handles web retrieval of results.  Athenium LLC
Servlet Debugging Explains debugging using a standard IDE based debugger (such as the one included in Forte, JBuilder, Kawa, JDE, etc.) for debugging servlets in a native servlet environment such as Apache JServ. Joe Kislo
Application Permissions Authority A method in which permissions and roles are stored in an object for querying.  A role is defined as a set of default permissions. Roles and specific permissions are dynamically defined in a database store.  Temporary granting of a set of permissions (a role) or a particular permission is available in realtime (similar to unix su command).  Also includes code for self healing database store when adding new roles and permissions to an already running code base and database. Athenium LLC