Unix Apache+Jserv Apollo Demo Installation Docs

    Installing Apace and jserv under unix is very similar to how it is done under win32, except there is no JServ installation binary.  Installing jserv under unix usually means compiling it into the apache source code.  Depending on if you're compiling in other apache modules, such as fastCGI or mod_ssl, your compile command lines will differ.  As a result, I will direct you to the jserv installation guide, and let you use their documentation to get jserv working.  If you're experienced enough compiling apache that you're compiling in mod_ssl or fastcgi, you'll probably have no problems installing jserv.

    Be sure to download all the required files listed below for your unix platform.  Once you've got jserv compiled into apache, you can use the Win32 jserv documentation as a guide to complete your installation.  I currently use JServ compiled into apache in my production environments, so it is quite stable, despite difficulties installing it.  Don't forget to download the apollo jar file, the apollo-demo site package does not include a copy of apollo.

Required Files:

You must download the following files before starting the installation process:

Apollo Jar:




Sun JDK1.2.2, Sun JDK 1.3 or IBM JDK1.3:

Download the JSDK2.0 Jar File
Currently located here: http://java.sun.com/products/servlet/archive.html

Download the MM.MySQL JDBC Driver jar file:

Download the DBConnectionBroker jar file: