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    Installation of the demo site is highly dependent on the environment you wish to run it in.  The apollo demo code can run in any servlet environment, attached to any webserver, with access to any database which apollo has a DBAdapter for, on any platform which has a suitable JDK 1.2 implementation.  We include three installation documents to aid you in installing the demo site.  One describes installation on Win32, with Apache, Apache JServ, Win32 MySQL, and Sun's JDK.  Another describes installation on a Unix platform, with Apache, Apache JServ, and MySQL.  And the third describes how to install the demo site using Jetty, an opensource webserver and servlet environment. Unless you have an attachment to apache, it's suggested you first try out Jetty; the installation process with Jetty is considerably easier then configuring JServ to work with Apache.

The demo site also includes the MysqlAdmin web application, which can be run from the demo web application, or as a separate independent web application (without the limitation on connecting to localhost). 

    It should be noted that I have never run the win32 installation which is described below, or Jetty in a production environment.  They do however, work just fine as far as I can tell.

    The apollo-demo releases do not include the Apollo framework itself, and you will need to add the apollo jar file to your path as described in the installation documentation.

    Jetty Installation Notes <-- Recommended for easy installation

    Unix Apache JServ Installation Notes

    Win32 Apache JServ Installation Notes



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